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Wonder Woman Re-design by AdamMasterman
Wonder Woman Re-design
So, I drew a sort-of redesign of Wonder Woman a while back: Wonder Woman by AdamMasterman, and decided to carry the thinking forward and do a proper re-tooling of the Amazon leader.  The basic idea was to make her actually look like the second most powerful hero in the DCU, and to have some of the dignity and stature that are part of her character (but not, in my opinion, expressed in her look). Anyway, just a few tweaks and some neater lines; something to distract from work drawing for a bit.  :)

edit: Goodbye sweatpants, hello white jumpsuit! :D
Spider-Gwen and Doc Oc by AdamMasterman
Spider-Gwen and Doc Oc
I had to go and get all campy on this one... :)

edit: forgot the shout-out to Stan and Steve; this is a loose tribute to the first appearance of Doc Oc.
Spider-Gwen and Doc Oc- Lines by AdamMasterman
Spider-Gwen and Doc Oc- Lines
I know that the new #spidergwen probably isn't going to be full-blown gender-bent... but I kinda hope it will be...
Jeremy Dale Tribute by AdamMasterman
Jeremy Dale Tribute
Burned the midnight oil to finish this in one sitting; my tribute to Indy-comics superstar Jeremy Dale, who passed away last week.  Jeremy was a mentor to many of us over at, and his example inspired all of us to dedicate ourselves to this mad passion of making comics.  Rest in peace, Jeremy; you were the real deal.

Jeremy is survived by his wife Kelly, and if you'd like to help her out in a difficult time, you can donate at If you can donate, any amount, I'll send you a hi-res of this image for prints (its 16x24 inches at 400 dpi), or desktop wallpapers and the like.  Just mail me at to let me know you've donated, and I'll shoot it your way. And if Skyward or Jeremy's art was important to you, stop by the tribute thread on Penciljack, share your story, and consider adding your own contribution:… .  Thanks,

Happily dove into Inktober this year; I'm a notoriously bad hand inker, so this seemed like a fun way to work on that.  I've come to realize that its tool-dumbness that cripples my hand inks; I can ink digitally just fine, but a stylus is an idiot-proof tool.  All I really needed to learn was some basic pressure control, twisting or leaning my tool in any direction is no problem at all.  Obviously, this is not at all the case with actual tools, and I've had some comically interesting experiences trying to get even a simple tool like a micron to perform. All in good fun, but still.

Thankfully, I'm also following a number of people who are also Inktober-ing, and its been nice to see the full range of approaches.  Vestien, on the one hand, makes such beautifully delicate drawings each day that I want to weep and curse at my idiot hand.  Chris Copeland, on the other hand, looks like he just scribbles them out without any sketching, and yet they are just as enjoyable to look at.  So I'm getting over the compulsion towards a cleanliness that is almost certainly beyond me. Day 3 was me at my neatest, and to be honest, I enjoyed that about as much as a root canal.

Anyway, while I'm digging this exercise very much, I've decided to switch things up.  Instead of making a random drawing every day, I'm going to draw a story, and put that inking activity to work in making an actual comic. Its an idea I've had for a while, and 8 page re-telling of a piece of scripture, and I'll probably just tweet the progress.  So, if you want to follow my Inktober escapades, look for me at….  Otherwise, the pages will pop up here as I finish them up.  Hope everyone is enjoying their October, Inky or otherwise, Adam Out.  :)


Adam Masterman
United States
I make comics. :) I also read them. In real life, I nordic ski, practice the dharma, and teach.

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Man, I adore your linework! So much motion!
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Awesome,man; muchas gracias.
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De nada :)
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Incredible work, absolutely love the energy in your art.
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your art looks so cool ;v;
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Thank you so much for the watch! I'm so moved!
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No problem; glad I found you.  You have great stuff, very fun style.
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draw mokie
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