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October 24, 2010
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Gryffindor's Sword by AdamMasterman Gryffindor's Sword by AdamMasterman
Finally got enough of a break in the schedule to finish up this sketch with some colors. This scene is hopefully pretty identifiable to anyone who read The Deathly Hallows, but for everyone else, Harry here is looking down through the ice to a submerged sword. Kind of an interesting visual challenge; I don't feel it works 100%, but I'm happy with it for the moment.

HP copyright of JK Rowling

edit: reworked it a bit to really get a sense of looking through the ice. lost some of the warmth on the face, but I think its an improvement in terms of storytelling.

edit 2: reworked it again, used an ice texture and decided I couldn't live without the warmer, clear face.

edit 3: More tinkering, I really need to make up my mind. :)

edit 4: Some color and value adjustments

detail: [link]
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This is a really amazing piece. You've done a lot right with it, and it has a huge impact. The composition and "view" of the piece is really dynamic. Having the "camera" so to speak looking up at Harry through the ice is original and allows for the rest of your spot on compositional elements. The eye really moves throughout this piece, from Harry to the sword to the moon, trees, and ice texture which tie everything together. Having the extremities of your elements (things really close or really far away) blur adds a realism and visual dynamic to your piece that I appreciate as well.

Your textures are fantastic as well. Ice is hard to have look right, and I completely buy it in this drawing. The texture is spot on and you did a great job of making Harry's hands look pressed against the surface. The quality and texture of your coloring is nicely done as well, and I especially like the glowing effects on Harry's hair and face from the moon.

The one thing that throws me off about this piece is how young Harry looks. By this point in time he's supposed to b, what, seventeen? Eighteen? Something like that. In your piece he reads more as thirteen or fourteen. This has to do a lot with the proportions of the face and glasses. His eyes are large on his face, and that largeness is accentuated by the oversized glasses. It makes him look a bit like a puppy that hasn't grown into its paws yet. Even something as simple (I know it's not really simple as doing something like that can take forever in photoshop if you didn't use tons of layers) as making his glasses more proportional to his face if you don't want to adjust the facial proportions overall will age him and make him look more age-appropriate for when this scene happens in the books.

In summary, you did an amazing job with this piece. The composition is dynamic, original, and engaging and the textures and coloring really enhance the mood and feel of the scene. Other than Harry looking a bit young, you did everything right. Great job!
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Your art has been featured on our Awesome Alt Art blog! You can check it out at: [link]

All the best!
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Awesome, much appreciated!
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Haha very awesome
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You just know Harry is fighting the temptation of lifting it up high and yelling "I HAVE THE POWER!"...
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Spectacular perspective! :heart:
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Wow, the perspective is spot on. Love this!
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Here via the link from QualityFanArt. Fantastic! Great job with this!
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Haven't found any more scenes from the series by you (would love to see more), but your style would lend itself to an incredible animated version. You really captured a moment here.
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